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Amy Lynn

Faith and Tech Bytes with Amy Lynn

I have a unique way of looking at things and I'd like to share that view with you. I believe technology and faith have a lot in common and I can teach both at the same time during one little byte. Join me today and find out how. I'm a strong Christian and have been sharing my faith since being saved in 1993. You can read my personal testimony here: http://www.amylynn.org/testimony I'm a computer geek, programming since the age of seven so I have a lot of things to share. All my businesses are lead by God. My very core has always been my faith. It's why I was so excited when he gave me the guidance to do the podcast "Faith and Tech Bytes with Amy Lynn." Be sure to Like, Subscribe, and Follow to our social media channels: https://www.facebook.com/AmyLynnsVoiceOvers https://twitter.com/amylynnorg https://thevoiceofamylynn.wordpress.com https://www.youtube.com/AmyLynnOrg Visit our website at: http://www.amylynn.org

Amy Lynn

Faith and Tech Bytes with Amy Lynn


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Asking for Help

Sometimes asking for help can be hard. I've always researched things on a search engine before reaching out to any kind of support or to friends. Everyone's time has worth and value. Time is someth...

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The Art of Distraction

The art of distraction is Satan's most powerful tool. If Satan cannot have your heart, he’ll do his best to distract you. Are you busy? Are you looking left when you should be looking right? Are yo...

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You know your relationship has gotten closer when you start to discover "triggers" ON BOTH SIDES. It's a terrible thing to be triggered and even more to trigger someone else. But I have to say, tha...

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Nothing To Lose

'Nothing to lose' is a state of absolute surrender to God. It’s recognizing that your life is no longer yours, but belongs to God. Everything you have, are and will be, are now His. It’s saying, “I...

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Life Inside - The Holy Ghost

When you carry a life inside, you start to second guess what you are eating, drinking, and all around doing. If we all treated our bodies as though there was another life inside what would happen? ...

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Playing Pretend

Social media has become a wasteland full of abuse. If it was a movie, it would be Mad Max.  Online trolls, bullying, attacking anyone for an opinion they don't agree with or understand.  People are...

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The Power of Words

As Christians, we need to be careful what we say and how we say it. Should you smite someone or point blank curse them this could cause a lot of damage. Not just to the person you are cursing or sm...

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Everyday Burdens

I have come to realize that Hotmail, Outlook, Live, MSN spam filter it a lot like being taught the Bible, faith, God, good and evil. Teaching it what's not junk/bad what is good/right is hard!  The...

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Browser Extensions Are Like Stones

People don't realize that all these browser extensions are actually slowing down the computer and browsing.  Think of Browser Extension like stones - they are pulling you down.  You may have people...

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From The Heart

I grew up programming and now I do just about anything you can think of on a computer. I've been very blessed with those gifts. Today I want to share something I feel some people may relate to. A h...